Why the Tokyo Olympics is a Sporting Crime

As the world continues to reel from a health pandemic that has killed millions, the fat cats of the bloated and corrupt Olympics movement and their political hangers-on want us to engage in useless ‘bread and circuses’, writes Gary Johnston.

Last week, the worst Australian Prime Minister in history – and also, sadly – the current one, announced with his customary smugness, that Brisbane had been awarded the ‘honour’ of hosting the 2032 Olympic Games.

Utilising the habitual sleight-of-hand beloved of duplicitous bastards the world over, the nation’s misleader, Scott Morrison, attempted to dress up the bad news – his government’s categorical cock-up of the vaccine rollout – by kicking off a presser with some ‘good’, shamelessly claiming most of the credit for Queensland’s successful bid.

Asserting – which in Morrison-speak is another word for lying – that securing the Olympics would result in an ‘estimated’ $18 billion boost to the Australian economy.  

Naturally he failed to provide evidence for this prevarication, almost certainly because there isn’t any. Indeed, according to experts, the economic impact of hosting the Olympics is, in reality, far less positive than predicted. Most cities in recent times who have hosted the Games have ended up falling massively in debt after the initial euphoria has worn off, with rusting stadiums, underused infrastructure and a long-term legacy of financial liability; ask anyone in Rio de Janeiro, London and, in particular, Athens.

Furthermore, if Brisbanites really want to assess the consequences of opening up their town to international athletes, the world’s press and the brazen brown paper bag merchants who represent the IOC, an organisation which makes FIFA look ethically virtuous, they might consider consulting with the residents of Tokyo.

Recent polls suggest that more than 80% of Japanese people were opposed to the current sporting farrago taking place amid, not only a global pandemic, but one which is particularly hazardous, life threatening even, in a country where the virus is super prevalent, with only 20% of the population and only tiny percentage of those over 60,  presently vaccinated.

Fact is, the vast majority of Japan’s population are simply aghast that the Games are in situ, an event has literally been forced upon them, with people arriving in Tokyo without proper quarantine, despite the cursory attempts being made to mitigate against what will almost certainly result in Covid-19 super-spreading.

It’s not mind boggling that this has happened. It’s mind exploding. 

But then, what should we expect from the International Olympic Committee?

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Ironically, no, make that laughably (except it’s not funny) the IOC Ethics Commission is charged with defining and updating a framework of ethical principles, including a Code of Ethics, based upon the values and principles ‘enshrined’ in the Olympic Charter.

Article 1 of this charter purports “respect for the universal fundamental ethical principles” as being, “the foundation of Olympism”.

Further, Article 2 states “the Olympic parties must use due care and diligence in fulfilling their mission. At all times, they must act with the highest degree of integrity, and particularly when taking decisions, they must act with impartiality, objectivity, independence and professionalism”.

The IOC, of course is represented by such moral giants such as John Coates, the Australian lawyer now best known as the bully who ‘instructed’ Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk that she should attend the Tokyo opening ceremony, later claiming he was ‘helping her alleviate public pressure not to attend’. 

Then there’s the repellent Thomas Bach, another lawyer, (beginning to see a trend here?) who said the word ‘cancellation’ nor the word ‘postponement’ was “not even mentioned” at an IOC executive board meeting with regard to the Tokyo event, earlier this year.

And finally let’s not forget Dick Pound, yes you guessed it, yet another lawyer, who insisted nothing short of ‘Armageddon’ would stop the Games going ahead.

Three amigos? Three assholes, more like. Despicable, appalling individuals.

Let’s just review Article 2 of the charter once more.

“At all times, the Olympic parties must act with the highest degree of integrity, and particularly when taking decisions, they must act with impartiality, objectivity, independence and professionalism.”


In the words of respected English sports journalist Martin Samuel:

“Satire became obsolete when Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize,’ wrote Tom Lehrer, and if it wasn’t already dead, Bach, Pound and Coates would have it lying stone cold on a slab by the time these Games are out.”

Of course, the idea of the modern Olympic Games was inspired by the ancient Olympic Games held in Olympia, Greece from the 8th century BC to the 4th century AD. 

One of the prime events of the games is the marathon, a race said to have its basis in the legend of Philippides, the messenger who ran from the town of that name to Athens with the news of victory in battle, only to immediately collapse and die, seconds after delivering a triumphant cry of  ‘we have won’.

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It can only be hoped, with the greatest of sincerity given the increasing number of infections, that after, the Tokyo Games, similar local fatalities do not transpire. 

One thing is for sure, however.

The people of Tokyo, and by association those in Brisbane too, despite the gloating of the Australian Prime Minister and his ilk, are certainly not  winners.

Indeed, if lawyers like Pound, Bach, Coates and liars such as Morrison, were to be awarded  medals, it would, in accordance with their complete absence of morality, substance or integrity, they would undoubtedly, be made of solid straw.

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Gary Johnston is an author, academic and former parole officer with decades of experience in the criminal justice system. He is True Crime News Weekly's Deputy Editor and Melbourne correspondent. His book 'No Previous Conviction' was published in May 2017 and is available on Amazon.

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