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Serkan Ozturk is an investigative journalist and the publisher and editor of True Crime News Weekly. His journalism has previously been featured by the likes of RT News, Sydney Morning Herald and Crikey. He is a member of the MEAA.


  1. True Crime magazine article is a “no crime gossip paper rag” and enjoys the usual “Lefts” stupid defamatory articles endeavouring to bring our Aussie PM and his Ministry into disrepute! Shame shame!

  2. Morrison is just a jerk. What!! We get to pay for his wife’s babysitter and so called Friend to keep his Sad and Lonely Wife in Company and Cups of Tea. How Absolutely Pathetic can he be.
    If she’s that bloody lonely, get her a Dog. That will keep her busy, surely

  3. Why are we paying for your shit Scummo, you get paid enough by taxpayers to look after her, Leave the taxpayer something. We will be required to pay more GST to cover your LNP shit., ARSEHOLE. no thought for us at all

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