YET ANOTHER SCOTT MORRISON LIBERAL RORT! Taxpayers stumping up $85,000 a year for best friend of PM’s ‘sad & lonely’ wife to hang out at Kirribilli House

EXCLUSIVE: It’s being decried as yet another rort involving PM Scott Morrison. It can now be revealed taxpayers are picking up the bill to the tune of $85,000 a year for the best friend of Jenny Morrison to hang out at Kirribilli House and drink cups of tea with the PM’s wife, who is said to be ‘sad and lonely’. Serkan Ozturk reports.

She’s the best friend of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s wife and so happens to be married to Australia’s biggest QAnon conspiracy theorist, Tim Stewart. And somehow, Lynelle Stewart has scored herself a very cushy position at Kirribilli House at taxpayers expense.

It can now be revealed Ms Stewart is pocketing $85,000 a year as well as a Commonwealth car to hang out with her best friend, Jenny Morrison – the Prime Minister’s wife – at Kirribilli House in Sydney’s exclusive and chi-chi northern suburbs.

What her official duties are, it’s hard to say. Ostensibly, she was hired as a full time personal assistant. One source claims the pair while away their time having cups of tea while Lynelle keeps Jenny company.

Before scoring the position, Lynelle was already working full time at a disability service provider in Sydney, and said to be earning about $80,000 a year.


It is claimed there is not enough actual work for Lynelle to do for the eight hours she is employed a day. It is believed that other employees at Kirribilli House include a housekeeper / cook, a House Manager and four or five security staff as well as four caretakers who help maintain the gardens and the home.

It has been told to True Crime News Weekly that Jenny thought up of the idea of having a full-time personal assistant after becoming increasingly “isolated and anxious” living in the political residence nestled on Sydney’s Harbour.

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The official reason for the Morrisons moving into Kirribilli House in early 2019 was that it was for security reasons, but one security expert knowledgeable about matters pertaining to the safety of political leaders has claimed there was no reason the Morrisons could not have upgraded the security at their own home and continued to live there or lived in the official PM’s residence in Canberra The Lodge, which is in mothballs.

Lynelle’s marriage to her husband Tim Stewart has recently been the focus of some media attention, after it was revealed first on Twitter that Mr Stewart is Australia’s biggest proponent of the whacko QAnon conspiracy theory beloved by a certain breed of dopey, right-wing political traveller.

It has been said that “Lynelle and Jenny are inseparable”, having been each other’s bridesmaids when they were married. The children of the Stewarts refer to Scott Morrison and Jenny as “Uncle Scott and Auntie Jenny” while the two Morrison children know the Stewarts as “Uncle Tim and Auntie Lyn”.

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Lynelle’s wage and all her extras come out of the Office of Prime Minister & Cabinet, ultimately paid for by taxpayers.

Previously before Lynelle’s appointment and hiring, in the space of 10-12 months, Jenny went through two nannies. Largely because the two Morrison daughters, who are aged 9 and 11, are at school full time so there wasn’t enough work for any of the nannies to do.

It begs the question then, are Aussie taxpayers getting value for money paying almost six figures a year for the best friend of the Prime Minister’s wife to hang out and keep her company?

We didn’t bother sending questions to the prime minister’s office as they never offer any answers any way and simply engage in silence or spin or subterfuge.

If True Crime News Weekly has got any of the details of this story wrong, we invite Mr Morrison and his staff to correct the record.

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