YOU CAN’T GET AWAY LOOKING LIKE THAT! Top 7 Criminals With Face Tats

With the recent arrest of an American sex offender with very noticeable markings across his whole face, True Crime News Weekly this week takes a look at some criminals who will always find it a little difficult to be inconspicuous.

Tattoos have always been a popular mainstay of prison life, but for some criminals their fascination with artwork and ink can take on a whole new level so that it eventually becomes not only a part of their identity but the core of their very existence. Although tattoos are now considered essential to sport for any self-respecting ‘hipster’, we can be sure when we say that facial tattoos are a whole horizon apart.

Interestingly, academic research suggests that noticeable tattoos on the face do play a role in determining the guilt of an offender during a court trial, with juries and judges more likely to find someone guilty if their face is covered by ink. Surprisingly though, a painted guilty face doesn’t result in a longer sentence than what would be given to an unmarked face. Whether they were guilty or innocent of their crimes, all the criminals listed below not only did time in the Big House but also qualified themselves for the honour in being in True Crime News Weekly’s highly respected list of Top 7 Criminals With Face Tattoos.


We start off with 45-year-old sex offender and self-proclaimed “witch”, Matthew Stager, who was in the news in February 2017 for failing to report to a halfway house in Texas after being released from he Federal Correctional Complex in Petersburg, Virginia. He was captured in Washington D.C after a few days on the run after being spotted by two Metropolitan police officers. He was likely not that hard to miss. In 1999, Mr Stager was convicted of indecent liberties with a minor over the longterm sexual assault of a girl beginning when she was 12 years old before getting her pregnant when she was 16. Mr Stager was also previously convicted in Texas on a federal charge of failing to register as a sex offender after crossing state lines. Mugshots taken of Mr Steger over the years suggest he has become addicted to drawing on his own face.



Not content with inking his face, 42-year-old Jason Barnum made headlines around the world in 2012 for his tattooed eyeball, which some likened to something straight out of The Terminator! Nicknamed ‘The Eyeball’ by fellow crims, the heroin addict was charged over a string of serious offences, including shooting at a police officer in Alaska and robbing homes and stealing cars to fund his habit. Before being jailed in 2015 for his crimes, Mr Barnum said his “beautiful face” had put off potential employers from giving him a job.



Serving 13 years in a Washington State Department of Corrections facility over the stabbings of two people at a homeless outreach centre, John Fecteau has the devil horns on his face to easily prove he is up to no good. The 25-year-old told police upon being arrested that hurting people with weapons was a more powerful stimulant than any drug. “I’m going to stab one person every day,” the suspect told police. “It is better than doing meth.”



True Crime News Weekly believes in full equality amongst genders and sexes, so it would be amiss of us not to include a woman on our list. And 38-year-old Jamie Calloway isn’t like any woman you’ve seen. In fact, she may very well be God if her face tattoo is to be believed. Perhaps inspired by an episode of Orange Is The New Black, Ms Calloway was arrested for stalking a female corrections officer whom she had taken a liking to during an earlier stint in prison. Ms Calloway slashed the woman’s tires, called her home, and sent her packages in the mail in a bid to win over her object of devotion. Her rap sheet dates back more than a decade and includes collars for obstruction, criminal damage, domestic violence, theft, trespass, aggravated menacing, and drug possession.



A face full of tats can make it difficult to land a job in most industries, but if you’re working in the drugs trafficking world such as 36-year-old Ben Monaghan, it could likely be a positive. Mr Monaghan was sentenced to prison in 2016 along with about 20 other men and women involved in a cocaine gang operating in the English cities of Manchester, Luton and Northampton. Mr Monaghan was given a 10 year jail term for his role in the drugs gang and will now have plenty of time to decide on what his next career goal may be.



A member of a motorcycle gang, Kevin Vaughan somehow managed to evade capture for four months despite his ‘Hatred’ being there for all to clearly see. Mr Vaughan, 28, was eventually charged over a string of felony warrants, including for firing upon officers from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives while they were conducting a search on his Washington home in 2015. Befitting his bikie image, Mr Vaughan had shot at the officers while riding on a motorcycle. It wasn’t all smooth riding for Mr Vaughan during his months-long disappearance, after it was discovered his girlfriend was killed in a road accident while riding beside him in a stolen motorbike.



We leave what True Crime News Weekly believes is the best for last. When looking at the changing face of petty Florida thief Robert Hardister thanks to mugshots over the years, one can really gain an appreciation of the dedication and hard work it must take to cover your entire face with a whole bunch of bizarre tattoos. The 26-year-old has a rap sheet that includes burglary and stealing a truck but it will be his photo opportunities with the police that will ensure his place in history and in our Top 7 Criminals with Face Tattoos.


YOU CAN'T GET AWAY LOOKING LIKE THAT! Top 7 Criminals With Face Tats

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